Amazing Greek Olive Oils

Logotype for the Greek-Nordic Trade Week project

Olive oil has been produced in Greece for thousands of years. During the Greek-Nordic Trade Week, we introduce some of the best producers in Greece to the Nordic and Baltic market. Here’s a selection of the range. How to get samples – see below!

Large suppliers for large distributors and private label

Photo with samples of Savouidakis olive oils

Large producers collect olives from many groves and produce oils of all qualities. They offer all types, all qualities and a range of brands. Organic, PDO, PGI and as you would expect: BRC, ISO22000 etc. These producers can meet any order at any time.

Small producers for unique products

Smaller producers are often family businesses that work with their own grove or perhaps with a few neighbors. They will use one or two varieties of olives, and the olives will develop specific characteristics depending on soil, climate and management. These oils are available in restricted volumes and often offer impressive bottle design.

Products where the shopper brings the story

People in the Nordics and Baltics loves Greece. Millions have been there and brought home stories of soft evenings, games in the water and genuine food. Consumers will immediately connect oils from Zakynthos, Chios, Lesvos or Crete to these positive and strong stories. All the oils in this project contain only greek olives.

Naturally fantastic flavours

Photo with flavored live oils from Paragaea

Some of the brands also offer flavored oils. The flavours are added by pressing the olives together with sun kissed lemons, juicy mandarins or aromatic herbs such as thyme. The added fruits and herbs are just as local and organic as the olives themselves, and the resulting taste is absolutely wonderful!

Meet an olive producer at your fika break

The Greek Nordic Trade Week offers the possibility to meet an olive oil producer at a live on-line meeting. Once you know what oils you are interested in, we will send you samples and set up a brief video meeting. There are no strings attached to the meeting – it is simply a chance to talk to the producer about any questions or suggestions you may have. If you’re in a hurry, you could probably do the meeting in 15 minutes. Most likely, though, you’ll have lots of things to talk about!

More information and request a meeting

To get more information about all the oils, request samples and set up meetings, please contact Sara Sundberg, by e-mail or phone +46 76 102 41 80.