Greek-Nordic Trade Week is coming up!

The Greek Nordic Trade Week – November 16 to 20

Greek Nordic Trade Week
Greek Nordic Trade Week

The Greek-Nordic Trade Week is a trade promoting project, jointly managed by Moreganic Sourcing AB and ReCo Exports, Ltd, supported by Enterprise Greece. The project introduces quality produce from Greece to the Nordic and Baltic markets for organic, natural and healthy food and skincare. The project provides Nordic/Baltic buyers and brand developers with exciting suppliers, brands and products while growing the Greek export of top quality organic and natural food. In week 47, November 16-20, there will be more than 100 match making meetings held on line, with samples provided IRL. Read more about what products will be represented, and make sure you have a spot!

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Tackling Covid-19 together

Moreganic Sourcing AB can assist in getting things to work again. Until further notice we offer:


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German non alcoholic Organic Market Report

The Moreganic® Web Shop specializes on market intelligence for organic products in the Nordic countries. The shop lists our own productions as well as other’s. It’s your one stop shop for Nordic organic…

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Intelligence & Events

Groddis at NOFF
Groddis as exhibition

 Moreganic® Intelligence Services provides you with shopper insights, bench mark studies, market structure, consumer trends, statistics, and most importantly: network. Acting with partners across the globe we find the business contacts you need!

Moreganic® is proud to support the organization of the leading organic trade show in the Nordic region: The Nordic Organic Food Fair that runs in Malmö / Copenhagen in November each year. Do get in touch with us to learn more about the NOFF or to discuss how we can help your event become a strategic success!

Moreganic® Consulting Services puts decades of experience of the organic movement and industry at your service! How can we help you? Find out more…


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