Nordic Food Market data at your service

We’ve all been there – you need some basic data about a market. You don’t want to spend thousands of Euros or Dollars for a full market analysis or tie yourself down with a subscription to some fantastic data base. You know it’s available somewhere. But time is precious…

We find ourselves in that situation every day and of course we are collecting those data to save ourselves time when we write a new report or help a customer. We specialize in the Nordic market for organic food, which of course is part of the food market in the Nordics and Baltics, as a whole. Access to data should not stop you from considering these markets, so we decided to publish some basic information in our web shop.

So, next time you just need the basics like how many people, average spend on food, turn over of leading grocery retailers in the Nordics, sales of organic food, distribution of common target groups, etc, just head on over to our webshop! Below is an example of what part of the data sheet for Finland is looking like.

Nope, it’s not free. Time is valuable to us, as well. But we’ve started out at a low price, and you get more than data sheet. You get

  • Exact references to sources – in most cases a URL link will take you to primary data.
  • One year free updates. We plan to update these sheets on a regular basis. When we do, we’ll send the new version to everyone who bought a data sheet less than 12 months ago.
  • Data from people who work this market every day, numbers with meaning.

Hit one of the buttons below to find out basic market facts about the food market in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden – an advanced market with 27 million people!

Please feel free to send us a comment on these data sheets! Is there something you’re missing? Suggest another format? Some other data points you’d like included? Just drop us a line!